Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo Diaries: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

I love come coming here. I left out some gems that i took and saving them for something. But theres a few. Coney Island rules!

Wonder what?

Brace your neck too! Shits gnar!
12" x 18" Framed - Sold

The best seat on the most sketchiest roller coaster. I had to ride it twice just to take this shot of the first drop because cameras aren't allowed on the ride. A split second before I almost lost my camera. Dangerous.

The sun, surf, bbq, beers and the projects. Coney island is awesome!

Kids fishing. Never in my life i would think that Tyson chicken would be good for bait. I wonder if it's a east coast thing. Used to catch blue crab, flounder and whatever bites....and it works.

I like this one. Wish the dude wasn't there so you can read, No swimming. Nothings perfect except this dudes dive form!
12" x 18" Framed - SOLD (2)

Couples only jump.

Kids yelling at one another to jump off the pier.

"Papi" I blew it on this photo. This bike had the raddest airbrush. It was very heavy metal!

"I believe that sex is a beautiful thing between two people. Between five, it's fantastic."
-Woody Allen

Yaschica T4 Super D
35m 100
No Photoshop touch ups